Spin Rewriter Spun Content Sample : Led Zeppelin – Staircase To Paradise

Spin Rewriter Spun Lyrics


Spin Rewriter, the excellent online article spinner handles Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ beautifully. Here’s an excellent case study for Mac SEO’s: If you want to test the quality of an online article spinner and spintax generator – Load it with some poem or lyrics you know dead-cold. I tried some of the free online spinner tools… Ugh! SpinRewriter handled this elegantly – the other’s didn’t. You shoulda seen the garbage they dumped out!

However, if you’re cheap and desperate for a free article spinner, SpinnerBro’s spintax tool has a nice interface. But even at it’s most aggressive setting – it failed to pass CopyScape check. It left too many sentences untouched while mangling others. No contest: SpinRewriter is worth every cent.

There’s a girl that’s certain all that glimmers is gold
As well as she’s acquiring a staircase to paradise.
If the shops are all shut when she obtains there she understands
With a word she could obtain exactly what she came for.
Ooh, ooh, and also she’s purchasing a staircase to paradise.

There’s a join the wall surface however she wishes to make certain
Because you understand often words have two significances.
In a tree by the creek, there’s a songbird that sings,
Often every one of our ideas are misgiven.

Ooh, it constructs me ask yourself,
Ooh, it constructs me question.

There’s a sensation I obtain when I aim to the west,
As well as my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my notions I have actually seen rings of smoke with the trees,
As well as the voices of those that stand looking.

Ooh, it constructs me ask yourself,
Ooh, it absolutely constructs me ask yourself.

And also it’s murmured that quickly, if most of us call the tune,
The piper will certainly lead us to factor.
And also a brand-new day will certainly dawn for those that stand long,
And also the forests will certainly resemble with giggling.

If there’s a bustle in your hedge, do not be distressed currently,
It’s simply a springtime tidy for the May queen.
Yes, there are two paths you could pass, however over time
There’s still time to alter the roadway you’re on.
And also it constructs me ask yourself.

Your head is humming and also it will not go, in case you have no idea,
The piper’s calling you to join him,
Precious girl, could you listen to the wind strike, and also did you recognize
Your staircase pushes the murmuring wind?

And also as we wind on later on
Our darkness taller compared to our heart.
There strolls a woman all of us recognize
That glows white lighting and also intends to prove to
Just how every little thing still counts on gold.
As well as if you pay attention really hard
The song will certainly concern you finally.
When all are one and also one is all
To be a rock and also not to roll.

And also she’s acquiring a stairs to paradise.


Best Mac SEO App : Market Samurai : Rank Tracker RIP

SEO Software Mac MarketSamurai

If you’re looking for the best Mac compatible SEO software ever made, it has to be Market Samurai for Mac OSX. With multiple-modules, a killer Keyword Research Tool, Competitive Analysis of SERPS and more – It really is an All-In-1 SEO solution for Apple webmasters and marketers.

Sadly, the Rank Tracker module will be discontinued at the end of August 2016. As an alternative, they make some recommendations. One I’m puttering with is a free RankScanner.com account to track a dozen or so keywords for ONE site.

A MarketSamurai software update at the end of the month will remove the Rank Tracker module from the sidebar menu. Sad to see it go – it was great for tracking several of my most authoritative sites. But the complexities of scraping SERPS for Google, Bing and Yahoo proved to problematic for Noble Samurai Software to try to keep up with endless API changes and roadblocks.


Articoolo Computer Generated Pinterest Article Example

MacSEOTips Pinterest Page
For people who will not be so acquainted, Pinterest is a pretty new social network website with a distinctive twist which allows its users to convey through vibrant pictures. With a fast visit to the MacSEOTips Pinterest page information, you will learn that Pinterest is just a virtual pinboard that allows you arrange and share anything you find online. After I signed up for an account, a Pinterest user is just actually able to create and customize planks to suit their very own private interests while following other users and looking for pictures to re pin may also share your pins and planks on Facebook and Twitter.

Each picture pinned to a board has the first website link so when other users take a take a take a look at the personal identification numbers it creates more traffic to the web sites and blogs where the pictures are being pulled from. While Pinterest was initially only a social network outlet for users to arrange and share their individual interests, it is recently made some hoopla in the corporate world. Whole Foods Market, for instance, has created a Pinterest page where they post their most favored recipes, images from food festivals through the country as well as projects and art work that their staff love.

It’sn’t necessarily direct advertising for their brand, but there are plenty of Whole Foods followers who’re actively sharing their personal thoughts and interests throughout the company’s Pinterest page. Customers are actually able to re pin the pictures they see, enabling their very own buddies to see that they’ve been looking at that brand’s page. Another facet of Pinterest that differentiates it from other social network sites is that, because it’s so arranged and image oriented, followers may easily navigate through content and clip out what they do not want to see. Users decide what they would like to see online, without browsing through long searches and reading through lengthy text. What a better way to capture customer attention than to allow them arrange and pick out what they would like to see each time they sign in order that in the future they will not have to browse throughout the exact same information.

Do you think Pinterest might fit into your brand strategy? Creating a page might help your company achieve new demographics and increase sales.

FYI: This is an example of Articoolo’s automatic article writer. The ONLY edit that was made was adding a link to my MacSEOTips Pinterest board. There are some awkward sentences and strange word substitutions. But with a few edits as you proofread Articoolo content, you can fix this 400+ word article in just a few minutes. What a time-saver!

Articoolo Sample Document : Computer Generated WP Content


The popularity of WordPress as a web publishing platform is largely due to the wide array of plug ins. The power and choices available make it a formidable web development platform. WordPress Plug ins enable you to modify characteristics at the push of the button that create traffic to your web site. The more traffic you may attract the more the website becomes precious to your buyers. Adding these plug ins extend the functionality of your site. For example, Articoolo’s WP instant article creator plug in is totally free and lets you generate draft articles within minutes ready for a few quick edits, right inside the dashboard your WordPress blog.

To install many plug-ins, you can do it directly from WordPress’s online library. However you might receive a plug in in other ways. All you need to do is download it to your local disc. Using your FTP program, you will have to load it up your host server. After that you will sign in to the administrative sector within your site and activate it.

Of note: Akismet is a very popular plug-in that will save you lots of time in moderating comments from individuals who just want to spam you with their website URLs or shady offers. It instantly assesses the posts for spam content and eliminates it from your own comments awaiting moderation. Most bloggers have plenty of problem with spammers attempting to get attention on their website, and this plug- to keep them all out.

All In One SEO Pack is among the most precious free plug ins out there to help you optimize your site’s on-page metrics. It can make adding keywords easy and clear-cut and can help to attract massive traffic to your website. It will help them to index your website as well as to determine your ranking.

Another is called the Google XML Sitemap, it will not mean you cannot submit it to other primary search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and DuckDuckGo.

PHPBayLite Adding this plug-in allows you show eBay products on your site, or easily add your eBay affiliate links. Many similar plug ins are available to Amazon Affiliates for finding and adding products on auto-pilot.  If you had to do that manually it’d take quite a little time, however these kinds of plug-ins make it automatic.

The above article was computer generated by Articoolo, the Natural Language article writer, quickly edited — and published online within minutes!




The Mac SEO Tools Testing Center

RapidWeaver 7 IconFor years, I’ve used RealMacSoftware’s RapidWeaver for site deployments and have used it to build dozens of websites. Great web development platform for Mac OSX users! The number of Themes, Add-Ons, Stacks and Plug-Ins RapidWeaver supports is staggering.

However, given the popularity of WordPress – It’s important for me to keep abreast of all the web tools Apple users might use for their personal or business websites. So here it is: The http://macseotools.com WordPress site!

I’m keenly interested in Artificial Intelligence, AI – Computer Generated Content, CGC, Algorithmically Generated Content, AGC, Natural Language Processing, NLP (which ties into Apple Dictation and Mac Speech Recognition) and Natural Language Generation, NLG. Many of the Mac SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing articles here will largely be written by computer robots but edited by me, thanks to the time-saving technology of Articoolo’s automated article creator. It’ll serve as a test bed for the viability of computer generated content