Blue Nessie Adaptive USB Podcasting Microphone For Mac

Product Features

  • Perfect for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceovers, audio for YouTube videos and more
  • Automatically uses fundamental recording strategies for quickly polished results
  • Includes expert features like earphone monitoring, mute, pop filter and shockmount
  • Select from 3 taping modes - voice, music or raw
  • Functions with your favorite software on Mac or PC
New Price: $92.99
Old Price: $109.99
You Save: $17.00
(as of 11/24/2017 08:25 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Take the guesswork out of desktop recording with Nessie, the very first USB microphone that delivers quickly enhanced sound for vocals, instruments, voiceovers and more. Designed to fight the most common pitfalls of recording, Nessie adapts to your performance in real time, utilizing expert studio processing combined with an integrated pop filter and internal shockmount to produce skillfully finished noise without the requirement for additional mixing or editing. Get polished music demos, podcasts, interviews, YouTube broadcasts and more– quickly.

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