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Wish you had a process to moderate the agony of writing or using outside agencies for content writing jobs? Articoolo is a modern computer generated / algorithmic content (AGC) – (CGC) app that creates original, proofread, high quality crafted content in mere minutes.

You ought to try Articoolo’s automatic blog post authoring program which can produce proficiently written article in just minutes avoiding expenses and wait times. By emulating a humanistic writer, blog posts of as high as five hundred words can be created from a singular thematic key phrase.

Utilizing Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, Articoolo is adept at collecting relevant content, redrafting it, and organizing it into distinct paragraphs. In a 2nd step of processing, it looks at and corrects the text’s grammar and spelling, then takes care of a CopyScape audit before finalizing the document.

When its finished, you’re presented a blurred preview which displays some of the lines clearly (generally one for every paragraph) so that you can evaluate the quality and tenor of the content before you decide to purchase it. It only costs you if and when you make a choice to purchase the article. It’s then that the complete substance of the article is disclosed. You may then save the document to your computer, print it out or e-mail it to a collaborator.

Articoolo is an agnostic Software As A Service – SaaS cloud application easily accessible from any internet connected computing platform. One is free to use Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Android OS and is functional through any website browser you are partial to.

An Articoolo plugin for WordPress is also downloadable that enables web masters to have access to the article generating tool and easily produce and post thematically relevant web content for their website, straight from their WordPress control panel.

My Determination: For a lot of my blog content writing requirements, Articoolo is a windfall. It’s especially useful for incorporating extra, topically relevant passages to otherwise Thin Content product pages.