The Mac SEO Tools Testing Center

RapidWeaver 7 IconFor years, I’ve used RealMacSoftware’s RapidWeaver for site deployments and have used it to build dozens of websites. Great web development platform for Mac OSX users! The number of Themes, Add-Ons, Stacks and Plug-Ins RapidWeaver supports is staggering.

However, given the popularity of WordPress – It’s important for me to keep abreast of all the web tools Apple users might use for their personal or business websites. So here it is: The WordPress site!

I’m keenly interested in Artificial Intelligence, AI – Computer Generated Content, CGC, Algorithmically Generated Content, AGC, Natural Language Processing, NLP (which ties into Apple Dictation and Mac Speech Recognition) and Natural Language Generation, NLG. Many of the Mac SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing articles here will largely be written by computer robots but edited by me, thanks to the time-saving technology of Articoolo’s automated article creator. It’ll serve as a test bed for the viability of computer generated content




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